At home with Halsteds: Tin Can Bird Feeders

Follow this easy tutorial to make an amazing bird feeder for your feathered garden friends.

Step 1: Clean out the tin can and use spray paint to cover it, keep the nozzle 30cm away from the can and be sure to cover the exterior of the can in paint to protect it from rust
Step 2: Measure your ribbon to allow enough height to get your bird feeder off the ground but low enough to refill
Step 3: Attach the stick to your tin can using a drill, super glue or hot glue from a glue gun
Step 4: Tie the ribbon/ string tightly around the tin can in the center
Step 5: Hang the tin can in place and fill with bird seed, make sure the ribbon is supporting the can so it does not tilt

You can find out how to make homemade bird seed here too:-

Have fun, stay safe and remember we are in this together