An MBA degree is the prime business qualification anywhere in the world. Exceptional leaders choose the MBA as it helps them stand out significantly in the competitive business world. Start your incredible journey towards achieving well-earned respect and recognition among colleagues, industry peers, and organisations. It all starts with the master of business administration degree Regenesys MBA – your ticket to increasing your business acumen, status and levelling up against the toughest competition.


This prestigious programme doesn’t just equip world-class business leaders with intellectual intelligence, it builds leaders who are also emotionally and spiritually in tune with their career and job, with a special emphasis on EQ and IQ development as well.


Register for the MBA and get set on the path to success and prominence!

Regenesys MBA

The Regenesys MBA is the quintessential passport to the leadership and management skills required to manage a business, government, and non-profit organisations, or to start your own business. An MBA remains one of the best pathways to enhancing your career. The attractiveness of the Regenesys MBA degree is its focus on all the disciplines required to run a business: business strategy, finance, accounting, marketing, operations, technology, organisational behaviour, economics and entrepreneurship. It opens the doors for you to find a role where you are fulfilled, your expertise is appreciated, and you are making a valuable contribution to the business, to society, and to your family, to be a person of consequence.


Regenesys Business School has an enviable reputation for producing top-quality MBA graduates. Our teaching faculty consists of best of breed facilitators in their field. We scour the world to find them. They get to teach on our courses because they are very, very good in their field. Regenesys has over 20 years’ experience of providing quality business education to leaders around the world. Regenesys holds steadfastly to its founding principle of making the world a better place through the education of better leaders. The sensitive emphasis on ethics, personal purpose and spiritual and emotional intelligence are what sets the Regenesys approach apart from other similar institutions.


Regenesys Business School is accredited by the Council on Higher Education, the Department of Higher Education and Training in South Africa (DHET) and the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). This means that your qualification is accepted and respected around the world.


Regenesys is a global leader in online learning. MBA students have unlimited access to 5th generation interactive learning material with videos, pop up notes, multiple-choice questions with immediate feedback, as well as digital publications.


Registration brings access to accredited journals and libraries via EBSCO and Emerald. Students submit their assignments online. The sophisticated student management portal takes care of student queries and tutor assistance. Classes are live-streamed, that means you interact in real-time with your lecturer via private messaging or on group chat.


Regenesys MBA students are automatically invited to attend all Regenesys events. You will have the opportunity to meet and to interact with top global business leaders – digitally or in person – at no cost.


The Regenesys MBA is unique in its emphasis on emotional and spiritual intelligence. When you graduate you will have deep insights into how you relate to others and you will clarify your personal purpose for your life. For some, this is life-changing.


As an MBA student, you will have immediate access to the Regenesys Alumni Network of over 200,000 graduates. This is a phenomenally powerful network, for career advancement, solving a business problem or getting access to decision-makers.