With the increase in Property scandals involving stands seeing some people losing thousands of hard cash and finding they have purchased nothing or a stand that is not transferable or can not acquire deeds. Our company has offered consultant services to clients in terms of performing due diligence on stands and ensuring that they're interests are protected. As such i felt the need to assist those who are interested in purchasing stands in Zimbabwe on what due diligence you as a potential buyer must follow:
1. When purchasing a stand one must either deal with the Owner directly or through a registered real estate agent(this is an individual who is registered under the Real Estate Institute of Zimbabwe)
2. One must insist on a deeds search if the stand has title deeds or get confirmation from City Council that indeed the owner of the stand is whom you are dealing with and it has been serviced, and verify this information with the supporting documents from city council.
But it is imperative to note that not all owners of properties are ethical and will try and fleece you, so it is essential to find a registered agent who can assist you from finding the right stand in the right location at the right price.
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